In one years time.

“a year from now you will wish you had started today”
-karen lamb

 This is our blog. It is still a baby- but it doesn’t breath, poop, or cry so I like it. (note: i hate babies) We have three or four posts- there is no general direction yet. But that is okay- because were doing it- were getting started. We’ve been talking about doing it for so long and we have finally gotten off our asses- metaphorically that is- I’m still lazily sitting at my computer. We even had 12 views yesterday- 11 of them were probably me, Liz may have been the twelfth. No one is reading this, or at least I hope you aren’t I’m sorry if you are reading this post- its really one of those I-need- to-post-it-for-me things. We just need to keep going, keep writing, keep livin’ the dream in boston. Soon enough we will have some great content and maybe some readers- that don’t include Liz, myself, and my mom. (hi mom!)

So is there anything you want to start but don’t know how?
(In my case my most recent talent frustration is manual photography)

Want to learn how to letterpress? I do! Head to Paper Source and they’ll teach you!
(note: go to paper source even if you dont want to letterpress. its awesome and the people that work there are the nicest kind you will find- what?)

Want to start your own business?
Want to learn sign language?


im done being cheesy now- I’ll touch back with this post in a year and then it will be cute and you’ll be glad I posted it. Right, Liz?
(I just put it in my iCal- So now I’ll never forget to come back and check it!)

Asian spices,