origins of the title!

Once upon a time, 4 girls got up earlier than usual to celebrate a birthday breakfast. We hadn’t discussed it beforehand, but we were all secretly spot-hunting. In true Sex and the City fashion, it went without saying that when deciding where to have brunch for the first time in our new neighborhood, what we were really doing was looking for our “spot.” We are living off campus now, and as real humans in the real world, it’s about time we had our Sex and the City-esque “spot.

As destiny would have it, we found it that morning, just 3 doors down from our apartment. We sipped on coffee and orange juice and chose our omelettes and breakfast sandwiches (for mad reasonable prices, no less) while debating whether or not this could be it. Then the food arrived. That many delicious-looking vegetables for $5.95?! And it comes with homefries?! The odds were looking good. Then Erin, in true Southern fashion, asked if they had any Tabasco sauce. Sure, they said, but you should really try our homemade hot sauce.

Homemade hot sauce? Welcome to our spot.


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