Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
What are you up to?

Have a good one!




Just opened my Emerson email web host for the first time in a long time, and clicked on my sent messages. First message ever sent was an email that Erin and I wrote to WERS – not even WECB, but WERS – about our prospective jointly-hosted radio show.

I still remember the conversation: “hey Erin, would making the text lime green be annoying, or fun and exciting?” “definitely fun and exciting!”

hey! this is Liz Cormack, of the Liz & Erin duo. we’re roommates, we’re fun, and we REALLY want a radio show. we propose to call it the Tall Blond Talk Show which will consist of music and entertainment. see you at the open house tomorrow!

you stay classy Emerson,
Love, Erin and Liz
p.s. we’re bringing a demo CD mix.    

not annoying.