map art

Hello little sunshines!

As I said before in my SOWA post- we made a lovely craft out of Liz’s favorite things- maps! It is adorable and I am obsessed with it. Here is a little step by step for you to create your own! and we did it all for under $25!

You’ll need:

a map- we used a vintage map of the middle east we got at SOWA
Canvases- If i were to do it again, I’d say you should use six- we did four and it still looks good
PVA- Id advise PVA because it doesn’t crinkle the paper as much as glue- but glue would work.

Lay out your map and decide where you want to put the canvases
(this is another map we got of europe!)

Get out your canvases

glue down and cut the canvases

Put a little extra PVA on the side and smooth down your edges


I’ll get a picture of them once they are up n the wall so you can see it all nice and hanging.
Now you have some beautiful handmade map art- and its so easy- even liz could do it!


sowa market

This past Sunday something magical happened. I had the first Sunday off since I began working at paper source. What did I do with that day you may ask? I FINALLY went to Sowa Market.  Sowa is a open farmers-antique-craft market in the South End. Needless to say- I was basically in heaven. If you have a free Sunday you should definitely check it out. There is an open aired farmers market, a craftier section, and then inside there is a vintage market. i died.

Where is it? You can either walk, bike, or take mbta- i suggest biking- to 460 Harrison Street- until you see this sign! If you are taking the T- go to Broadway Station on the Redline or take the 1 bus to Mass Ave and Treemont.

Here are just a few of the trinkets we found at sowa this weekend!

Jewelry made from old T coins and other foreign currency. The real gem at this booth was the old books, trays, and crates they used to display their jewelry on!

I have an obsession with gold and turquoise. I also love this tray.

A box of all sorts of buttons- from Land before Time to old campaign buttons- all under a dollar!

So many maps! Liz must have looked at them forever! We ended up five of them- ranging from a map of the whole world- to national geographic maps of particular regions. We got a really old map of the middle east for our living room craft-map project that I am sure you will all be hearing about! The best part? They were only THREE DOLLARS each!

This was our real golden nugget find- The American Specimen Book of Type Styles. It is a font book from 1912. It has over 500 pages of fonts! Instead of The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog. as the preview for the fonts- it quotes the constitution. Its a really awesome book- and as font geeks- its almost our holy grail. Okay, so it basically is. Were obsessed.

We ended up being very good and not blowing ALL of our cash- we got the book, a handful of maps, and I got an awesome old leather purse with MY INITIALS ON IT! ill have to get a picture up here for you to see soon- it was too perfect. Moral of this story is- you have to go.

To top off our lovely day Emma, Liz, and I walked to The South End Buttery-a great little cafe i the south end with GREAT cupcakes- I highly recommend the red velvet cupcake!

All in all it was a day chalked full of a few of my favorite things- antiques, friends, coffee, an and a dreary day. It was a perfect precursor to a great fourth of july weekend.

Just change your bra, already.

You know that moment. When you wake up and throw on a bra- its your favorite bra- and it just happens to be bright purple. You quickly flip through your clothes trying to find a shirt that won’t show the color of your bra through it. With no avail, you run down the hall into your roomates closet- still no luck. That is when I fling the door open to Liz’s room trying to find SOMETHING appropriate for work to wear that won’t show my bra.
There is a simple solution to this- change your bra. I mean yeah, you have a few other white or off white bras in your dresser- but you already have this one on! For any guy that is reading this- it may sound stupid- but for any girl that is reading this- you can totally relate. (as if we actually have people reading our blog)

This happened to me the other day- I work at Paper Source, and you have to look pretty pulled together, so a colorful bra is not really the look I was going for. Liz just looked at me while I was desperately throwing clothes on and was like, “erin, just change your bra.” ABSOLUTLY NOT was the first thought through my head. Its just such a pain. (Where as trying 50 different shirts on and cleaning them up after isn’t) After many outfit attempts I finally listened to Liz (this doesn’t happen often) and changed my bra. I was much happier and more comfortable all day.¬† This my dear readers, is not the point of the story. But the moral can be applied to many things- especially in our lives.

If you read Liz’s post below you already know about the struggs of our living room. Its been a constant push and pull. It too big, its too white, now its too bright, theres no wall space, now it looks like a retirement community in florida, yadda yadda… Then around midnight last night Liz and I were sprawled out on the living room floor and we just couldnt take it anymore. We are both very busy people- I mean VERY busy. She works Five days a week 9-5 and works at a restaurant nights and weekends. I work about 25 hours a week, take classes, and intern 9-5 two days a week. This puts us in a place where we don’t get much sleep and are still trying to enjoy the tiny bit of our “youth” we have left before we have to go be real people. We are both also design-color-happy-particular people. When something isn’t working in a room- we are not happy. Our living room has been a source of unhappiness for a month now.

Last night, we reached our breaking point. Around midnight, paint samples were flung around the room while we debated various shades of gray, green, pink, white, teal and finally settled on a nice color called, “twilight gray” This was weird. The only color we could agree on was gray? what? (Gray isn’t even a color its a shade of light!!) So in true Liz fashion, she brought in a POP of color. And by pop of color I mean she brought in her left-over teal paint from her bedroom and we immediately attacked the ugly Florida retirement community watered-down seafoam walls we had been living with.

and- VOILA! everthing is already starting to feel better. Even when delusion struck around 2:30 am we were still laying on our newly slip covered couch amongst the cat hair, staring at our new teal wall.

Sometimes you really just change something, from as simple as your bra, to as in depth as your wall color to make everything “right” again. That was a lesson I learned last night- especially because I 1- hate to be wrong and 2- hate change. Sometimes you just have to do it. and really, if you know in the back of your head that a “color” is not right or is not working for you- then that “color” is probably not right, and you should change it.

–see what i did there.

Just a little something to get you through hump day.

Happy Humpday Readers!

Wednesdays can be rough- and when I get sad or anxious- I bake!

Yesterday I had a not so top notch photo class and ended up sneaking out early to crawl back to my apartment and make dark chocolate brownies- girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

I would say they were pretty much a hit. They were GONE within a few hours- I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of them for y’all!

Heres how you make em!


1/2 cup veggie oil
1 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup dark chocolate cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon bakin’ powder


1. Preheat the Oven to 350 and grease the pan
2. Mix together the sugar, flour, salt, powder, and cocoa
3. Add in oil, eggs, and corn syrup- the corn syrup makes them nice and fudgy!
4. Mix in the rest of the ingredients.
5. Cook for about 20 minutes.