MTV 30

I just had to share this somewhere, and what better place than Homemade Hot Sauce?

Today, August 1st 2011, MTV turns 30 years old. I found this video of the VERY beginning of Music Video Television – I’m talking 12:01am on August 1st, 1981 – and it’s really amazing.

30 years ago, MTV launched its revolutionary channel with a¬†poignantly¬†significant song choice: The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star. The title of that song must have hit hard for older generations at the time, who were probably dealing with the reality that the era of radio was dead.

It just goes to show that there will always be something that’s on its way out… and even twitter will be old-school one day.

In fact, just last night Erin, Kira and I were talking about how one day, Rihanna will be on the oldies channel, and “hammered” will be old-people slang for whatever the kids are calling it those days. So the ultimate question is – will grandmas be raging to dubstep?


map art

Hello little sunshines!

As I said before in my SOWA post- we made a lovely craft out of Liz’s favorite things- maps! It is adorable and I am obsessed with it. Here is a little step by step for you to create your own! and we did it all for under $25!

You’ll need:

a map- we used a vintage map of the middle east we got at SOWA
Canvases- If i were to do it again, I’d say you should use six- we did four and it still looks good
PVA- Id advise PVA because it doesn’t crinkle the paper as much as glue- but glue would work.

Lay out your map and decide where you want to put the canvases
(this is another map we got of europe!)

Get out your canvases

glue down and cut the canvases

Put a little extra PVA on the side and smooth down your edges


I’ll get a picture of them once they are up n the wall so you can see it all nice and hanging.
Now you have some beautiful handmade map art- and its so easy- even liz could do it!

sowa market

This past Sunday something magical happened. I had the first Sunday off since I began working at paper source. What did I do with that day you may ask? I FINALLY went to Sowa Market.  Sowa is a open farmers-antique-craft market in the South End. Needless to say- I was basically in heaven. If you have a free Sunday you should definitely check it out. There is an open aired farmers market, a craftier section, and then inside there is a vintage market. i died.

Where is it? You can either walk, bike, or take mbta- i suggest biking- to 460 Harrison Street- until you see this sign! If you are taking the T- go to Broadway Station on the Redline or take the 1 bus to Mass Ave and Treemont.

Here are just a few of the trinkets we found at sowa this weekend!

Jewelry made from old T coins and other foreign currency. The real gem at this booth was the old books, trays, and crates they used to display their jewelry on!

I have an obsession with gold and turquoise. I also love this tray.

A box of all sorts of buttons- from Land before Time to old campaign buttons- all under a dollar!

So many maps! Liz must have looked at them forever! We ended up five of them- ranging from a map of the whole world- to national geographic maps of particular regions. We got a really old map of the middle east for our living room craft-map project that I am sure you will all be hearing about! The best part? They were only THREE DOLLARS each!

This was our real golden nugget find- The American Specimen Book of Type Styles. It is a font book from 1912. It has over 500 pages of fonts! Instead of The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog. as the preview for the fonts- it quotes the constitution. Its a really awesome book- and as font geeks- its almost our holy grail. Okay, so it basically is. Were obsessed.

We ended up being very good and not blowing ALL of our cash- we got the book, a handful of maps, and I got an awesome old leather purse with MY INITIALS ON IT! ill have to get a picture up here for you to see soon- it was too perfect. Moral of this story is- you have to go.

To top off our lovely day Emma, Liz, and I walked to The South End Buttery-a great little cafe i the south end with GREAT cupcakes- I highly recommend the red velvet cupcake!

All in all it was a day chalked full of a few of my favorite things- antiques, friends, coffee, an and a dreary day. It was a perfect precursor to a great fourth of july weekend.

Things I look for in a coffee shop

Today I went to Olea Cafe in Brookline Village for my lunch break – I usually go to KooKoo Cafe but I figured I should branch out and try it, since it’s across the street.

The coffee was really good, and the chocolate croissant was awesome. But the place was just WRONG! I hate walking into a coffee shop that has a great recommendation, that multiple friends have directed me too, and immediately feeling like I’m in a cafeteria or a poorly-managed Bon Pain.

Mood and decor go hand-in-hand with a good coffee shop, so here’s a break down of what I feel is necessary for a coffee shop to be a destination worth visiting.

1. Homey surfaces that don’t make me feel like I’m in a crappy pizza parlor – no fake marble table tops or cheap tile floors.

2. Good coffee, with an option to drink it in house in a mug or glass coffee cup.

3. Decor! A theme, decorations, art on the walls, or some sort of evidence that there was a conscious decision made concerning interior design.

4. All the fittings of a heaven for mac-toting hipsters. At least one couch, cushy chair or something that isn’t a cheap stool.

5. If you’re not going to have wifi (what is wrong with you?!) then you have to have awesome food. KooKoo’s, for example, is one of my favorites. No wifi, but their tabouleh and tuna pita sandwiches are stupidly good. I go for lunch and for the atmosphere, not to camp out and do work.


Just opened my Emerson email web host for the first time in a long time, and clicked on my sent messages. First message ever sent was an email that Erin and I wrote to WERS – not even WECB, but WERS – about our prospective jointly-hosted radio show.

I still remember the conversation: “hey Erin, would making the text lime green be annoying, or fun and exciting?” “definitely fun and exciting!”

hey! this is Liz Cormack, of the Liz & Erin duo. we’re roommates, we’re fun, and we REALLY want a radio show. we propose to call it the Tall Blond Talk Show which will consist of music and entertainment. see you at the open house tomorrow!

you stay classy Emerson,
Love, Erin and Liz
p.s. we’re bringing a demo CD mix.    

not annoying.